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Excel file repair software recover and rebuild damaged .xls files.
Excel recovery software offers two Excel recovery modes that enables user to repair one or more Excel files at a time.
  • Single File Mode - This feature allows you to execute recovery from a single XLS file at a time, just browse the file you want to repair and click the Recover button. Inaccessible data of the XLS file will be recovered and previewed by the software.
  • Multiple File Mode - his mode allows the user to perform recovery from multiple xls files at a time. Just choose the files to be repaired and start the recovery process by clicking Recovery button. Recovered data saved in XLS sheets is then viewable from the saved location of the files.

Excel recovery tool is highly effective tool that carries out recovery process for all the objects of spreadsheet including tables, hyperlinks, formulas, floating point numbers etc without altering the format of the file which serves for the need of similar font color, font size, style etc. Furthermore, backing on its interactive user interface, user can work on the software without having to learn any special technical skills.

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Excel File Repair Software

Excel recovery is an eminent Excel recovery tool used comprehensively to repair and revive important Microsoft Excel files. If you have lost valuable data from MS Excel, then of course you must be anxious to get it recovered. Consider a scenario, when you try opening Excel (xls) file and it fails and you get corruption errors that the file is unreadable or you detect unreadable characters in file. Following are some error warning that you may come across in cases when Excel files get corrupted.

  • "Cannot access read-only document???.xls"
  • "excel cannot open file"
  • "File format is not valid"
  • "access denied"

Excel file recovery is efficient software that enables fast Excel recovery and repairs corrupt xls files in matter of few minutes. It can easily perform recovery from Excel files that got damaged due to sudden system shutdown, virus invasion, and bad sector in disk, or media corruption. By the virtue of its integral QFSCI technique, the Excel recovery tool ascertains accurate recovery of data from xls files.

This powerful Excel recovery software scans the chosen files recursively and ensures that every bit of recoverable data will be easily extracted from the file. Moreover, it scans file without causing obstruction to the unique data stored in damaged files. Excel recovery tool is equipped with five themes by which user can change appearance and feel of the software. Some of the key features of Excel recovery software are mentioned below:

  • Recovers text and restores original formatting
  • Recovers data from password protected worksheet (in case password is known)
  • Recovers tables, data structures, OLE objects, headers, footnotes and hyperlinks
  • Recovers Formulas
  • Interactive user interface
  • Live Update feature to regularly update software with the latest version

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Supported Versions

Versions Supported : MS Excel 2013, MS Excel 2010, MS Excel 2007, MS Excel 2003, MS Excel XP and MS Excel 2000

Free Evaluation Version

Download the free evaluation version of our Excel recovery tool and experience features, functions and working of Excel recovery tool. However, to save the recovered items, you would have to purchase the full version of Excel recovery tool.


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